[Mailman-Users] Warning: I/O Error While Trying To Byte-Compile

Beyer, Clay clay.beyer at nkadd.org
Tue Feb 23 22:35:53 CET 2010

Below, you suggested not to use postfix-to-mailman.py. 

What should I use if not this? My postfix master.cf file contains the
mailman MTA lines toward the bottom...

Mailman unix n n 2 pipe
	Flags=FR user=list
	${nexthop} ${user}

This seems to be making the server go crazy, tons of processes running
at once, bogging down the server. Commenting these lines out returns the
server to normal operation, but then in my mail.info log file, I have
tons of Mail Transport Agent not found.

Please help.


Beyer, Clay wrote:
>Have successfully set up a Debian server and installed and configured
>Postfix and have been trying to integrate Mailman. I am receiving the
>following errors during the apt-get install mailman process:
>Warning: I/O Error While Trying To Byte-Compile
>/usr/lib/mailman/bin/qmail-to-mailman.py (2): No such file or directory
>Warning: I/O Error While Trying To Byte-Compile
>/usr/lib/mailman/bin/postfix-to-mailman.py (2): No such file or

You clearly don't need qmail-to-mailman.py, and while Debian seems to
like postfix-to-mailman.py (which is not distributed even as
contributed source by the GNU Mailman project), I don't recommend it.

>Again, this is happening during install and it seems like the install
>failing or not completing properly. I have tried uninstalling and
>reinstalling but continue to receive the same I/O errors. Can anyone

This is a Debian packaging issue. If you wish to install Debian's
Mailman package, you'll have to take this up with Debian.

If you download and install the 2.1.13 tarball from
<https://launchpad.net/mailman/2.1/2.1.13> or
<http://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/mailman/>, it will be less convenient, but we
can help you with any installation issues.

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