[Mailman-Users] Indexing mail right after delivery

Cedric Jeanneret cedric.jeanneret at camptocamp.com
Thu Feb 25 15:27:16 CET 2010


I'm trying to create a xapian[1] indexer for our mailing list. As mailman is written in Python and there are python bindings for xapian, I guess I can maybe create a plugin for that.
My first question is : is there already such a thing ? I searched on the net, but nothing appeared
My second one : can we create a plugin for mailman, if so, where should I go to have some doc ? seems there's nothing in the wiki (http://wiki.list.org/dosearchsite.action?searchQuery.queryString=plugin&searchQuery.spaceKey=conf_all)

Just to explain why I'd like to do that: we already have a xapian search engine in here, indexing a fileserver, request tracker queues and moinmoin wikis... so we'd like to aggregate all our stuff in one app for searching.

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,


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