[Mailman-Users] Question

Steve Burling srb at umich.edu
Mon Jan 11 15:57:49 CET 2010

--On January 10, 2010 8:54:08 PM -0500 Gayle Laible <gaylelaible at fuse.net> 

> I want to start a newsletter and I see your logo at the bottom of several
> things I get.  I have a Max OSX Version 10.5.8.  It is an older laptop
> that I have updated several times.  It does not have an Intel
> processor...  Can I download and use Mailman on my Mac?

To which I reply:

Short answer: yes.

Longer answer: if the laptop isn't powered on and on the network with a 
publicly-routable IP address 24x7, then it's, shall we say, sub-optimal. 
You'd be better off talking to the folks at <http://www.emwd.com> about 
hosting the list for you.

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