[Mailman-Users] Adding "subscribed" address in Welcome message ?

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Thu Jan 14 16:25:29 CET 2010

Barry Finkel wrote:
>>Some people with multiple email address' get confused as to which 
>>one they used to subscribe. Is it possible to put that info in the
>>body of the "Welcome to this list" email ?
>>What would be the "code" I need for this please ? Using CPanel 
>>version 2.1.11.cp3
>>Regards, John.
>The e-mail address used in the subscription will appear in the
>RFC 5321 mail headers.  The only problem is that most Mail User
>Agents hide these headers from the recipient.


RFC 5321 is the latest incarnation of the SMTP RFC. It discesses SMTP
protocol, not message content. Perhaps you meant RFC 5322 which
discusses the message format.

However, the header in the list welcome that contains the subscribed
address is the To: header which most MUAs do display (except maybe MS
Outlook which may display the name and not the address).

In any case, the OP asked for a way to put the subscribed address in
the message body. Possibly because To: headers may get rewritten or
not completely displayed.

The answer is that %(user)s in the template (which even cPanel users
can edit via the admin GUI) will be replaced with the user's email
address. The complete list of available substitutions for the list
welcome template is

 'real_name'   : The list's name
 'host_name'   : The list's email host name
 'welcome'     : The list's extra welcome message
 'umbrella'    : A special notice for members of umbrella lists
 'emailaddr'   : The list's posting address
 'listinfo_url': The URL of the list's listinfo page
 'optionsurl'  : The URL of the members options page (which contains
                 the members email address)
 'password'    : The member's password
 'user'        : The member's case preserved email address

So, in fact, the member's email address is already in the body of the
default welcome message, albeit as part of the options URL.

Note that these substitutions only work in the template itself. They
don't work in the 'welcome' text added to the template.

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