[Mailman-Users] fun with hostnames.

Pennington, John penningt at uchastings.edu
Tue Jan 26 21:37:35 CET 2010

Hi All,



We are trying to configure a setup that would set the list server
addresses to be a different hostname than the  URL  host and admin pages


For example if we had a machine named foo.interest.com  with a DNS alias
for fooalias.interest.com ,  we want our admin pages look to like this.




But we want users to send email to:


mailinglist at fooalias.interest.com
<mailto:mailinglist at newfoo.interest.com> 



Does anyone know how to do this?



I tried  to configure  mm_cfg.py like the following:


DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST = 'fooalias.interest.com'

DEFAULT_URL_HOST = 'foo.interest.com'


And it is mostly working. However the machine is still accepting mail
from people who send to:


mailinglist at foo.interest.com and we want it to only accept mail sent to
mailinglist at fooalias.interest.com



Does anyone have an idea how to make this happen?


Thanks a bunch





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