[Mailman-Users] Custom mailman webpages

Eli Barzilay eli at barzilay.org
Thu Jul 8 21:42:26 CEST 2010

On Jul  8, Varoun P wrote:
> Greetings,
> I'm customizing all user facing webpages on a new mailman site. I've
> copied over templates (listinfo.html, subscribe.html,
> options.html...) from $prefix/templates/en/ to
> $prefix/lists/<list-name>/en/ and have edited them to get the
> required effect. The one page thats giving me trouble is the
> "Confirm subscription request" page that users visit to confirm
> their subscription once they receive the verify email. Searching the
> archives leads me to believe that the way to customize this page is
> to edit $prefix/Mailman/Cgi/confirm.py directly. Is there another
> way to customize this page, I would prefer not to edit this file
> directly if possible.

I knew this sounded familiar -- I recently ran into exactly the same
thing, and below is Mark's reply -- which is possibly the one you've
seen.  (FWIW, I just gave up on those pages...)

Mark Sapiro wrote:

| Eli Barzilay wrote:
| >I was looking at the "Confirm subscription request" and "Subscription
| >request confirmed" pages -- there's no way to customize them too,
| >right?  Is there at least some way to have my own header used?
| >(Without that, having a very customized look means that these pages
| >stick like a sore thumb...)
| Those pages are built dynamically by Mailman/Cgi/confirm.py. No
| templates are involved.
| See the Format() method in the Document class in Mailman/htmlformat.py.
| It should be clear how to modify that to add css and/or a heading to
| all generated pages.

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