[Mailman-Users] 25,000 unsubscribes in one hour

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Fri Jul 9 22:01:02 CEST 2010

Easiest wasy to check, is to send a message to one of the addresses from 
the same domain, i.e. Yahoo email to Yahoo email.  If real bounce, Yahoo 
will give you that message immediately.  Same with Hotmail, AOL, etc.

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Subject: Re: [Mailman-Users] 25,000 unsubscribes in one hour

> Dan Sherbondy wrote:
> >Over a month ago I used mailman for a 100,000 mailing.
> > 
> >Yesterday, in a 4 hour span, I received 25,000 unsubscribe notifications
> >such as "lupetherealtor at yahoo.com has been removed from TopCARealtors"
> >
> >I normally received 100 unsubscribes per mailing so I think something is
> >wrong and dont want to remove these people from my list unless they
> >really unsubscribed.
> >
> >Is the unsubscribe notice used for bad addresses as well as
> >unsubscribes?
> Yes. When a member is unsubscribed by automated bounce processind, the
> same message is sent to the list owner if
> bounce_notify_owner_on_removal is Yes.
> Also, if bounce_notify_owner_on_disable is Yes, there will be a notice
> to the list owner containing the  triggering bounce at the time the
> member's delivery is disabled which may or may bot be the same as the
> time the member is removed depending on the setting of
> bounce_you_are_disabled_warnings.
> So these may have been legitimate bounce unsubscribes or they may have
> been bounce unsubscribes due to some abnormal mail delivery failure or
> they may be something else.
> It's hard to say anything more without seeing the list's Bounce
> processing settings, Mailman's bounce log and perhaps MTA logs.
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