[Mailman-Users] Scrubbing attachments only if over size limit -Umbrella list

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Sun Jul 18 16:19:23 CEST 2010

Dave Nathanson wrote:
>I made 2 MailMan lists:
>* regular_list  (restricted by size less than 2 mb). Has membership.
>* big_list (no size restriction), set to scrub attachments. No  
>members, should send to/from the members of the regular list. Set to  
>be an umbrella list.
>The way I expect this to work is the list member will send his huge  
>attachment to the regular_list, it bounces back, and tells him to try  
>sending it to the big_list instead. This ought to scrub the  
>attachment, leaving a URL instead, and lets the msg continue to the  
>regular_list where it will now be well under the size restriction and  
>pass through to all the members of regular_list.
>Am I on track?


>I just want 2 lists, with the exact same membership list, one to scrub  
>attachments, and the other to reject oversize attachments. Both should  
>only accept postings from list members.
>The problem is that the regular_list is not accepting messages  
>addressed to the big_list.

Why? If they are held for "implicit destination", you need to put the
big_list address in Privacy options... -> Recipient filters ->
acceptable_aliases or turn off require_explicit_destination on the
same page. This is covered in FAQ 3.69. If they are held for some
other reason, what is the reason.

Also, do both lists actually have the same membership (presumably with
delivery disabled for the big_list members) or do you have
'@regular_list' in accept_these_nonmembers of big_list?

If the latter, that is fine, and you should be able to have the
umbrella work the way you want with only regular_list as an actual

If you are actually syncing the membership of big_list with
regular_list (which you can do easily with a shell script if you have
permission), and you don't mind having big_list posts come to the
members from big_list, you could forget the umbrella idea and have
big_list deliver directly to the members?

To sync the membership you can use the pipe

 bin/list_members -f regular_list | bin/sync_members -f - big_list

The problem with this is that new digest members of regular_list become
regular members of big_list

You'd probably actually want to add "-w=no -g=no" to the sync_members
options too. See "bin/list_members --help" and "bin/sync_members

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