[Mailman-Users] upgrading from version 2.1.9 to latest availableversion

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Fri Jul 23 17:38:02 CEST 2010

Chad Rebuck wrote:
>it does appear mailman was installed by rpm.  if there is no rpm available
>to upgrade would it be difficult to upgrade to 2.1.13 or should I go to
>3.something?  I found the pages a little confusing on what the latest
>version really is.  What version would be recommended to upgrade to?

MM 3 is still in alpha exposure. It is not ready to be run in
production, and I think, there is not yet a clear migration path for
MM 2.1 lists.

The latest released version to upgrade to is 2.1.13 although there will
be a 2.1.14 release currently targeted for late Sept.

In order to update a RedHat RPM release from source, there are three
possible paths.

Path 1 is to modify the patch at
for the current source release, and then run configure with the
appropriate path locations to match your current RPM installation.

Path 2 is to install Mailman from source as a separate installation in
a non-conflicting location, and then move your lists and archives from
the old installation to the new.

Path 3 is to configure Mailman with --prefix=/usr/lib/mailman and
--with-var-prefix=/var/lib/mailman which may more or less work.

If you have SELinux enabled, both paths 2 and 3 will create SELinux

However, I think upgrading will not affect the following issue which
appears to be a misedited listinfo.html template for the list.

>details on the inability to unsubscribe:
>the unsubscribe using the checkbox on the admin page does work.


>the unsubscribe via email does work as well.


>It is the unsubscribe on this page that does not work
>For a test I registered
>a new email then tried to unsubscribe using this page above.   I would
>receive an email with subject of "mailman privacy alert" and a body such as,
>"an attempt was made to subscribe your address to the mailing list ....  you
>are already subscribed to the list."

Someone has edited the listinfo page template for this list and broken
it. It looks like the portion of this template at the end, which in
the base template is


Has been changed and "<MM-Options-Form-Start>" has been replaced by

I can't tell for sure what the change was as I only see the page
generated from the template and not the template itself, but it is
something along these lines.

Go to the list admin interface and follow the "Edit the public HTML
pages and text files" link and then the "General list information
page" link and you will see and be able to fix the template.

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