[Mailman-Users] Help with MAILMAN list password

Anthony R. Thompson athomps at adf.org
Tue Jul 27 07:32:09 CEST 2010

On 7/26/2010 11:19 AM, Mauricio Juarez wrote:
> Thank you for your help but:
> 1. I changed the password fot the entire Mailman site with mmsitepass
> 2. I changed again all lists admin password with change_pw command line, 
> I receive the new password by email without problem
> 3. I changed in each list Admin Website the moderator and admin 
> password, in http:/mydomain/mailman/admin/LISTNAME and the Password 
> option, only mailman list i can not (* see explication above)

Mauricio, I wrote a script to test a given password to see if it matches 
the site admin password, the list password for the given list, and the 
moderator password for the same list.

If you want to try it out, you can download it from 
(you'll need to change its permissions of course: chmod +rx which_pw)
The usage is: which_pw listname passwordtotest

(If your mailman files aren't in /usr/lib/mailman you'll need to modify 
the sys.path.append line in that file.)

I also modified a copy of change_pw to allow for changing the moderator 
password from the command line.  If you want or need to do that, it's at

(same stuff about chmod and /usr/lib/mailman applies as with which_pw)

In addition to the stuff Mark wrote, I'd ask, did you install Mailman on 
the server or was it someone else?

I ask because it's possible that maybe the "mailman" list which you 
mentioned having problems with, is managed differently from other lists?

We have a managed server and after I set up all our "real" lists I went 
and deleted the "mailman" list thinking it was just a test/stub list. 
Good thing I mentioned doing that in passing to our server admin, who 
restored it and told me that it was an important special-purpose list.

Also, to find your Mailman version you can do bin/version (that's 
ultra-basic but I didn't know it until recently myself :)

Anyway, hope this helps,

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