[Mailman-Users] Help with MAILMAN list password

Mauricio Juarez mjuarez at sourismini.com
Mon Jul 26 17:19:23 CEST 2010

Thank you for your help but:

1. I changed the password fot the entire Mailman site with mmsitepass
2. I changed again all lists admin password with change_pw command line, 
I receive the new password by email without problem
3. I changed in each list Admin Website the moderator and admin 
password, in http:/mydomain/mailman/admin/LISTNAME and the Password 
option, only mailman list i can not (* see explication above)

Now I can used the new password, but the old password work too :(, I 
tried different browsers

_*EXPLICATION mailman list- I want to know sometime:
I can not make changes in my MAILMAN LIST 

mydomain = mail.example.com

And the Mailman list is configure with example.com in the host 
configuration, so I can go in  
http://mail.example.com/mailman/admin/mailman if I write the correct 
dmain, but I can not save a change, because the page 
http://example.com/mailman/admin/mailman doesnt exist, so I thing my 
problem of password is linked with that because is the only password 
list taht I can not change in the site.  Do you know how I can change 
the host example.com by mail.example.com in a command line? I can not 
change in the admin mailman website, because I can not save

So if I change the linked host example.com by mail.example.com in th 
mailman list, maybe I can try to change the password in this list too 
and my problem with the old password it is going to disappear

txs for your help

Le 2010-07-22 23:35, Mark Sapiro a écrit :
> On 7/22/2010 8:11 PM, Anthony R. Thompson wrote:
>> On 7/21/2010 11:21 AM, Mauricio Juarez wrote:
>>> - I use mailman to administrate my email lists
>>> - I need absolutely change the Admin Lists password
>>> - I used the command: change_pw in my /bin Mailman directory, all was
>>> My old password work too, do you know why? I change the root password
>>> too ( the same) but doesnt work, now the old password and the new one
>>> worked Help plz
>> Mauricio, the confusion may come from the fact that there might be as
>> many as three "passwords" involved here:
>> 1) The password for the entire Mailman site installation (which you may
>> not even have if you didn't install Mailman yourself; this is set with
>> the mmsitepass command line program)
>> 2) The password for the list itself (which is set when the list is
>> created or later with change_pw as you wrote)
> Stephen confused mmsitepass and change_pw in his reply. The above is
> correct.
>> 3) The passwords for the list owners if they're subscribed to the list.
>> The confusion arises, I think, because Mailman actually accepts all of
>> the above in terms of logging into the admin web interface for a list.
> No. Mailman will not accept the owner's list member password (if
> different from the list admin and site admin passwords) for logging in
> to the admin web interface.
> Also, as Stephen notes there is also a list moderator password which
> allows access to the list's admindb page but not the admin pages. There
> is no command line too so set the moderator password. it is set/changed
> via the list's admin Passwords page.

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