[Mailman-Users] Unexplained unsubscribes of yahoo.com email addresses

J.R. Constance jrc at clshost.com
Mon Mar 1 16:23:18 CET 2010

I run a few Mailman mailing lists (2.1.12cp3 - 42 lists with 500 subscribers max on each list) for a professional association that I belong to. Over the last three days I have had a series of unexplained unsubscribes from one of the lists, and almost all of the unsubscribed email addresses are yahoo.com addresses. None of the admins has done a mass removal, so is there any way for me to determine why these email addresses were unsubscribed? Anything in the log files?

This is the only list that I am seeing this on.



J.R. Constance
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