[Mailman-Users] Unexplained unsubscribes of yahoo.com email addresses

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Mon Mar 1 17:58:47 CET 2010

Brian Carpenter wrote:
>We have a server where this problem is happening and in the case of this
>particular server (being solely used by a single non-profit organization)
>Yahoo is being VERY persistent in delaying their messages and they are
>seeing Yahoo.com addresses being unsubsribed. We are in the process of
>working with Yahoo in trying to get this server whitelisted with them.

Very persistent as in delaying for more than 5 days, or is your MTA's
retry period shorter than that?

I'm sure you know what's happening in your case; maybe I'm just lucky,
but I think my Yahoo deferrals/retries always succeed within way less
than 24 hours.

I think Yahoo is wrong in this. If the deferrals are a form of
greylisting, there's no point in deferring more than once. One delayed
retry proves the sending MTA is going to retry and subsequent
deferrals are pointless. On the other hand, if they're never going to
accept the mail, they should reject it outright with a 5xx. The only
result from deferring multiple times and then accepting is to cause
problems for their users resulting from delayed mail and to waste
network resources with all the unnecessary retries.

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