[Mailman-Users] Unexplained unsubscribes of yahoo.comemailaddresses

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Mon Mar 1 18:52:30 CET 2010

J.R. Constance wrote:
>As I looked back through the Bounce log I can see the history for what you describe below; multiple bounce notifications, account disabled after ~2 weeks, then account unsubscribed after another two weeks.
>Is there another log that would show the response(s) from yahoo.com, either a deferral or rejection?

Your MTA's logs will have some information. Note that the actual bounce
delivered to Mailman may have occurred up to 15 minutes prior to the
entry in Mailman's bounce log because Mailman queues bounces and
processes them in batches.

Also, you will probably find in your MTA logs that there was some
delivery attempted to Yahoo which was rejected by Yahoo with a reason
shown in the log and this was followed by your MTA sending a DSN to
the listname-bounces address. In this case, you have Yahoo's response
in your MTA's log.

You may find however that the DSN sent to the listname-bounces address
came from Yahoo. In this case, the only way to know the reason is to
see the actual DSN which is not logged anywhere. If the list's
bounce_notify_owner_on_disable is Yes, it was sent to the list
owner(s) when the disable occurred, but it isn't logged.

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