[Mailman-Users] [Mailman-Announce] New Logo Contest for 2010

Barry Warsaw barry at list.org
Tue Mar 2 03:40:26 CET 2010

On Jan 15, 2010, at 10:07 AM, Barry Warsaw wrote:

>Our current GNU Mailman logos were designed by the Dragon De Monsyne many
>years ago.  They have served us exceedingly well, but with the coming of
>Mailman 3, we've decided it's time our logos got a face lift.  So we're
>opening up a new logo contest to the Mailman and GNU communities.  We invite
>your creative and inspiring designs!
>Details of the contest and submission guidelines are available here:
>Submissions will be open until February 28, 2010, and is open to everyone, so
>feel free to forward this announcement.  Please contact the Mailman Steering
>Committee at mailman-cabal at python.org with any questions.

Due to some confusion about posting permissions, we've decided to keep the
logo contest open for two more weeks.  We've got a number of really good ones,
but your chance at fame is not yet past.

We'll close the contest on Monday March 15 at 2200 UTC (don't forget DST in
the US starts on March 14).

Just to clarify: if you still want to submit a logo, you need to create an
account on wiki.list.org and send us (mailman-cabal at python.org) your wiki user
id so that we can enable your write access.  Sorry for the convolution but
that's the price of spam reduction.


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