[Mailman-Users] owner in a list

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Fri Mar 5 00:00:24 CET 2010

Infokeep - Mario Sergio wrote:
>I created a test at domain.com list and defined three owners:
>user1 at domain.com
>user2 at domain.com
>otherlist at domain.com
>This otherlist is in my mailman.
>But, when I do some actions, like remove a member, or add a new member, the email is delivery only user1 and user2. The owner "otherlist" don't receive the email. This config is possible? Or I can't put a list like owner?

It should work. There are several possible reasons why it isn't in your
case. The message could be held, rejected or discarded as a non-member
post by the 'otherlist'. The message could be held for 'implicit
destination' by 'otherlist'.

Check Mailman's vette log to see what's happening to the message to
'otherlist' and possibly adjust accept_these_nonmembers or
acceptable_aliases of 'otherlist' as needed.

Note that if you want anyone's mail to firstlist-owner to be delivered
to otherlist without being held, you will need to set
generic_nonmember_action to Accept for 'otherlist'.

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