[Mailman-Users] strange -owner behavior?

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Mon Mar 8 01:15:25 CET 2010

Lucio Crusca wrote:
>I've a mailman setup on a Debian lenny system which runs a few mailing lists. 
>All seems to work (more or less) except one that does not work at all 
>("linux08", but, once upon a time, that one used to work). The MTA is postfix 
>backed by a mysql database. The situation:
>1. No message seems to go through the list "linux08"

What happens to those messages?

>I understand that mailman is trying to send messages to the address 
>linux08-owner at lists.virtual-bit.com
>but that address does not exist. The fact is that I do not want it to exist, 
>because I've configured my usual email address in the list owner field of the 
>list control panel. Why mailman sends to that address instead of mine?

Because that's the way Mailman works. Many owner notifications are sent
in two steps. Mailman creates the notice and sends it to the
LIST-owner address. It is then received there and resent to the actual
'owner' and 'moderator' addresses.

Thus, the the LIST-owner addresses MUST work and MUST deliver to
"|/path/to/mailman/mail/mailman oener LIST".

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