[Mailman-Users] digests don't show unicode well

Con Wieland cwieland at uci.edu
Tue Mar 9 18:10:55 CET 2010

Hello all,

I'm a little out of my realm here. I have a greek list that is  
experiencing the following issue:

some text in UTF-8 when it is in digest - or maybe any format.  Also,  
some web addresses are now in non-latin characters.  Any advice for  
how to deal with this problem?  I know when I sent the latest message  
in question it was readable from and on a wireless-connected iPod  
Touch, but on other occasions I've just seen question marks rather  
than the Greek letters that were sent. An example follows at the end.

> cannot read any
> unicode (UTF-8) text that appears in messages. This is
> almost certainly
> a problem in the way the listserver handles messages. In
> particular, it
> does not seem to respect the "Content-Type" tag in the
> message header,
> which is correctly set to utf-8, as you can see from the
> example below.
> So far the problem was "just" with being unable to read
> unicode text
> written by list contributors. Now, with greek sites
> beginning to use
> greek letters as part of their URLs (such as your skai.gr
> link below),
> the problem is expanding.
> Is there a way to make the listserver respect the
> charset="utf-8"
> setting?
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> Content-Type: text/plain; charset="utf-8"
> http://www.skai.gr/articles/news/ 
> views/???????????????????????????????/
> I was asked to forward the foregoing to the list, to
> represent another point of view. -Roland
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Con Wieland
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University of California at Irvine

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