[Mailman-Users] Message rejected by admin got sent out after senderreplied to rejection notice

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Tue Mar 9 22:00:34 CET 2010

Anne Anderson wrote:
>We have a mystery going on here at Westmont College... the admin for one of
>our lists rejected a message sent by a student, and when the student replied
>in some way to the rejection notice, the message that was being held got
>sent out.
>This has happened twice now (with the same list) and I can't figure out how
>it could happen.
>Can anyone think of how this may have happened, and what I can do to make
>sure it doesn't happen again?

First, check Mailman's vette log to see what it says about these
messages. Is the Message-ID of the held message the same as the
message ultimately sent to the list? Does the log show the reject?

Second, assuming the list has archives, find the messages in the
archives/private/LISTNAME.mbox/LISTNAME.mbox and see if the envelope
sender (the address in the From separator at the start of the message
headers) spoofs an authorized poster.

Note that if the original message was actually rejected by the admin,
that message is gone and can't be later delivered to the list. This
doesn't mean it couldn't be reposted, just that the actual message
that was rejected couldn't have also been delivered to the list.

Also, is it possible the admin is confused? I.e., the post was rejected
and the student replied to the rejection, which reply was delivered to
listname-owner, and the admin only thinks it went to the whole list.

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