[Mailman-Users] Delivery to SMTP server very slow

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Wed Mar 10 16:11:28 CET 2010

Stefan Foerster wrote:

>* Mark Sapiro <mark at msapiro.net>:
>[instructions for list duplication /SMTP redirection]
>> Unfortunately, I don't have any good ideas as to how to proceed from
>> there, even if this does duplicate the problem, but Barry indicated he
>> has a couple of ideas.
>Well, unfortunately, this doesn't reproduce the problem. Neither does
>stopping Mailman and copying every single file to another server.
>However, restarting Mailman (something I don't do very often) does
>_not_ solve the problem, either.

Can you update/upgrade or simply reinstall Python on this server? The
delays you observed _must_ be occurring in the Python interpreter
itself, but this seems _impossible_ since the interpreter shouldn't be
affected by which list or a change in list membership.

I wonder if there could somehow be some interaction through the file

>Do you think I can drop Barry a PM off-list and ask him for further
>advice if he doesn't read this? I'm really interested in debugging
>this, and as I said, this time I really don't care about the list
>delivery being slow.

Barry is often on the #mailman irc channel at freenode.net. It might be
best to ping him there.

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