[Mailman-Users] unclaimed action of mailman

Masaharu Kawada mkawada at redhat.com
Thu Mar 11 07:07:34 CET 2010


I'm very sorry to keep asking you on this, but could you please let
me know one more thing?

Since the mail is sent to mailman at example.com from mailman at example.com,
there should be that mail in any places such as /var/spool/mail/mailman,
/var/lib/mailman/archives/private/mailman.mbox/mailman.mbox and so on I 
But there is nether of them. How can I find that mail?


Mark Sapiro wrote:
> Masaharu Kawada wrote:
>> One thing to make sure, do you mean that a non-list-member is the 
>> mailman user?
> Yes and no. The sender of the post is not a member of the list. Mailman
> looks at more than one thing when determining if the sender is a
> member. In this case, what Mailman looks at is the From: header which
> according to the vette log is root at example.com and also at the
> envelope sender which according to the Postfix log is
> mailman at example.com, so neither of those addresses are list members
> and if either one was a member, the post would be handled as if from
> that member.
>> And the list of the administrator is the mailman user as well?
> The list administrator is whatever address(es) is/are in the 'owner'
> attribute of the list. I have no idea what, if any, these might be.

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