[Mailman-Users] good web hosting company for Mailman?

nigel white nigel at headingley.org
Wed Mar 10 22:03:06 CET 2010

My hosting company have just put a ceiling on the number of emails our 
domain can post in an hour = 100. This is hopeless for us, as one email 
sent to a list with 98 members = 98 emails, in their book. Consequently 
loads of my emails are being discarded by the server and my punters are 

Another drawback of my host, for Mailman admin, is that Mailman can only 
be installed via CPanel. Also SSH terminal access is not permitted. Its 
all very limiting.

Which hosts are good for Mailman? Who do you folks use? I have a 
preference for small UK companies, but any efficient and good value 
suggestions are welcome.

Best wishes

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