[Mailman-Users] Messages not departing

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Fri Mar 12 21:01:58 CET 2010

Dennis Carr wrote:

>I have a number of messages stuck between qfiles/retry and qfiles/out,
>and for about a week or so, messages have been departing very
>Checking logs/error, I noticed a glitch in parser.py, which I stuck up
>on a pastebin, here:

That has nothing to do with outgoing mail in out/ or retry/. It is a
message that had defective MIME structure as indicated. It was
possibly truncated somewhere along the delivery path to Mailman, but
more likely was just spam with a defective MIME structure. It was
queued in qfiles/in/ by the MTA and the exception occurred when
IncomingRunner picked it up from the in/ queue and tried to parse it
into an email.Message.Message instance for processing.

As it says, that message was ignored.

As far as the retries and slow delivery are concerned, look at
Mailman's smtp-failure log for the reason the messages are queued for

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