[Mailman-Users] Mailman chewing up resources

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Wed Mar 17 16:37:58 CET 2010

Geoff Shang wrote:
>I patched Mailman/Queue/Runner.py and the patch applied cleanly.  I even 
>checked that the patch had applied.
>I stopped and restarted Mailman.
>But Runner.pyc wasn't updated.
>I deleted Runner.pyc in order to make sure that the old one wasn't being 
>used, but 17 hours on, Runner.pyc hasn't been recreated.
>The system seems to be running fine from what I've seen, but I'm curious 
>to know if the file I'm patched is in fact being used at all.

Assuming the file you patched is in the Mailman/Queue/ directory that
is actually being used by Mailman, You are getting the patched module.

This is a permissions issue. The qrunners do not have permission to
write Mailman/Queue/Runner.pyc. When Runner is imported, Python
detects that Runner.py is newer than Runner.pyc (or there is no
Runner.pyc) and loads and compiles Runner.py. It then attempts to
write Runner.pyc, but if it fails, it just goes on.

The Mailman/Queue/ directory should be Mailman's group, group writable
and SETGID, and all the files should be Mailman's group and group

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