[Mailman-Users] Discard notification problem

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Thu Mar 18 16:34:55 CET 2010

Thomas Hartwig wrote:
>1. Is there a global option to prefer rejecting over discarding?

No, but there are a few list settings.

>2. Is there some kind of extended logging available to see the reasons
>of discarding?

Not without hacking the code.

>3. Is there a global option to get notified by discards?


There are only a few reasons why posts are 'silently' discarded. The
most likely one in your case is Content filtering - filter_content is
Yes and filter_action is discard. Set that to Hold.

Other possible reasons include:

The poster is a non-member listed in Privacy options... -> Sender
filters -> discard_these_nonmembers.

The poster is a non-member and Privacy options... -> Sender filters ->
generic_nonmember_action is discard.

Non-digest options - scrub_nondigest is Yes, the message's
Content-Type: is text/html and ARCHIVE_HTML_SANITIZER is set to 0 in

The message matches a Privacy options... -> Spam filters ->
header_filter_rules rule with Discard action.

Note that if you want to see these things, it is much preferable to set
the action to Hold rather than Reject, at least for the non-member and
header_filter_rules actions. If you reject those, you are going to be
reflecting spam to innocent, forged From: addresses.

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