[Mailman-Users] PDFs in .mht file

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Tue Mar 23 17:07:32 CET 2010

Mark Bishop wrote:

>We send pdfs as attachments to a mailman listserv and our PDFs get  
>scrubbed and saved as .mht attachments.  However, we have tried  
>opening the .mht and all we see in the MIME email is the ASCII dump of  
>the pdf attachments and the correct Content-Type: application/pdf.

Mailman is not Listserv[1].

I'm not sure from your description, but it seems that what is happening
is the PDF is embedded in or attached to an HTML part and the entire
HTML part is being sanitized and saved as a .mht attachment. If this
is the case, the problem is because the HTML is sanitized so what you
see in your browser is the raw HTML rather than the rendered HTML.
This is controlled by the Defaults.py/mm_cfg.py setting
ARCHIVE_HTML_SANITIZER, but changing this to allow unescaped HTML in
the archive is not recommended for reasons explained in the
documention in Defaults.py.

>I've tried the unmht extension in Firefox, as well as IE7 but we  
>cannot recover the PDFs.  Am I mangling the scrubber config or doing  
>something incorrectly?

Something is not right, because the application/pdf part should be
separately stored with its own attachment link with a .pdf extension.

I can't say what the problem might be without knowing the Mailman
version and whether you filter content and if so, what the content
filtering settings are and probably without seeing the actual email.

Also, what is the text accompanying the link to the saved attachment?

And, is the list's scrub_nondigest set to Yes so that this affects all

[1] Please do not refer to Mailman lists as 'listservs'. Listserv(r) is
a registered trademark[2] owned by the developer of a particular email
list management product, and it shouldn't be used generically.

My personal interest in this is not to protect the Listserv(r)
trademark, but rather to avoid confusing Listserv(r) email list
management software with any other email list management software
including GNU Mailman of which I am a developer.

[2] <http://www.lsoft.com/corporate/trademark.asp>

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