[Mailman-Users] Confirmation by reply doesn't work

Till Kleisli till.kleisli at gmx.ch
Sun May 9 00:57:53 CEST 2010

Hi all

When a user wants to subscribe to my mailinglist, the user gets the 
confirmation mail, to confirm the subscription.

Then, when the user just replies to the mail (using thunderbird), the 
list administrator (me) gets a mail that says, a new user subscribed to 
the mailing list, but when I go to the backend (administration), the 
user is not in the list of recipients!

If the user clicks on the link in the confirmation mail and confirms the 
subscription in the web form, he appears in the recipients list!

I didn't find any report in the web about users having the same problem..

can someone help me?

best regards

PS: I had the same problem subscribing to this mailing list, may be it's 
me.. :-/ when I replied to the message nothing happened, and when I 
confirmed on the webpage, I got the confirmation back immediately..

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