[Mailman-Users] maximum hop count exceeded

Ted Targosz tedtarg at jobstreet.com
Tue May 25 06:48:25 CEST 2010


Thank you very much...  your advice appears to be spot on...

I've added a header_check to my postfix configuration on my mailman 
server to prune the headers from my internal gateway before they are 
passed to mailman.

something  like

/^Received:  from localhost/    IGNORE
/^Received: from mygateway.mydomain.com/  IGNORE

that appears to help a lot ...


Ted Targosz

On 25/5/2010 11:19 AM, Grant Taylor wrote:
> Ted Targosz wrote:
>> so I was wondering if anyone else had encountered this and knew of a 
>> workaround (besides bypassing the gateway)
> I've not run in to this my self (with Mailman).  But what you say 
> makes perfect sense.
> If you are not pruning Received: headers as you pass your messages in 
> to Mailman, they may be counted as extra headers contributing to the 
> loop detection cludge.
> So, you might want to make sure that you aren't artificially raising 
> your hop count with the Received: headers of the messages coming in to 
> Mailman.
> Grant. . . .
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