[Mailman-Users] Mass flag change

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Wed Sep 1 17:00:35 CEST 2010

Joe Curto wrote:
>I've just created a new list with about 8500 users. Is it possibile 
>(during the creation or after created) to set a flag on or off massively 
>? Creating the list sets le flag 'text' mail on and I need to set this 
>flag off for all the users.

First of all, that flag only affects the format of the digest if the
user is a digest member. It has no effect on individual messages.

The default setting of that flag for new users is on the admin Digest
options page

  When receiving digests, which format is default?
  (Edit mime_is_default_digest)
To set that flag off for all current users, use withlist.

Give the command

  bin/withlist -l LISTNAME

and then at the interactive prompts (shown for clarity) enter

>>> from Mailman import mm_cfg
>>> for member in m.getMembers():
...     m.setMemberOption(member, mm_cfg.DisableMime, 0)
...                     <- 'enter' only, no input
>>> m.Save()
>>>                      <- enter control-D to exit

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