[Mailman-Users] Having trouble with spam filters syntax

Kit Crawford kcrawford at bepress.com
Thu Sep 2 20:01:21 CEST 2010

Hi folks,

I can't seem to get the correct syntax for filtering based on the Subject
line.  I want to auto-accept all email that contains the phrase "Digital
Commons" in the Subject line.

I am using Mailman version 2.1.9.  I've run some tests and the Subject line
header for every test is:

Subject: Interested in Digital Commons tour

and the action is set to Accept.

The following regex filters did not work:

subject: .*digital commons

^subject: .*digital commons

\nsubject: .*digital commons

Subject: .*Digital Commons

^Subject: .*Digital Commons

\nSubject: .*Digital Commons

subject: .*digital commons.*

^subject: .*digital commons.*

\nsubject: .*digital commons.*

Subject: .*Digital Commons.*

^Subject: .*Digital Commons.*

\nSubject: .*Digital Commons.*

Not sure what other syntax to try!  If anyone has any insight on this vexing
problem, I surely would appreciate some assistance.


Kit Crawford
kcrawford at bepress.com

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