[Mailman-Users] Plus in email address

David Lubkin lubkin at lubkin.net
Fri Sep 3 23:39:02 CEST 2010

One of my users has tried to subscribe with an email address with
a + in it, for filtering as a subaddress, e.g.,

Joe Foo <foo+bar at goo.com>

I have the list set for moderator approval of subscription requests.
The request appears in the log but no email is sent to me and the
request does not appear in the moderator action queue.

I've looked through the wiki and my archives of this list, but I don't
see anything pertinent. It should be legit. There are no imposed
semantics on local-part in the RFCs, and in my experience mailman
developers are sticklers for standards compliance. So I'm confused.

The fact that it's + that's the problem is suspicious and makes me
think the issue relates to URL (en | de)coding.

Apart from the problem itself, will it work if I manually add him to the
list, or will other scripts in Mailman have a problem?

-- David.

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