[Mailman-Users] Plus in email address

David Lubkin lubkin at lubkin.net
Sat Sep 4 01:49:08 CEST 2010

Mark Sapiro wrote:

>What Mailman version is this?

2.1.13, running on CentOS. I'm fine with upgrading; I just haven't gotten
around to it because this is the first hint of a problem.

>By "request appears in the log" do you mean Mailman's vette log? If
>not, what log and what's the message and what's in Mailman's vette
>log? What's in Mailman's error log?

In the subscribe log --

timestamp (number) mylist: pending Joe Foo <foo+bar at goo.com>

Nothing related to the request appears in the vette or error logs.

>Was the subscribe from the listinfo page or via email?

listinfo page.

He tried subscribing a few weeks later, with exactly the same results,
and then contacted me to see why I hadn't approved his request.

-- David.

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