[Mailman-Users] Subscribed, received Welcome, but no articles.

StealthMonger StealthMonger at nym.mixmin.net
Sat Sep 4 09:39:50 CEST 2010

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For several of the mailman lists that I have subscribed to, I received
the Welcome, but no articles.  So I subscribed to the mailman-users
list to inquire.  But no articles here either!  (And I see from
that there were postings as recent as a few hours ago as I write.)

I am sending this to the list posting address not knowing whether it
will get posted and unable, because of the foregoing, to see the
results.  So please CC: your response to me.

I have looked at the following FAQ pages, but they pertain to what the
administrator should do in a circumstance like this, not to what I, as
a subscriber, might do.


I have subscribed to four different mailman mailing lists over the
past year or so.  Only one is sending both articles and reminders.
- From another, I receive the monthly reminders but no articles.  A
third is sending neither.  And now this one is sending no articles.

In all cases, subscription was via email, and confirmation and Welcome
completed as expected.

In all cases, X-Mailman-Version: is 2.1.9 or 2.1.12.

In all cases, email response to "set show" /is/ received, and shows
delivery on and reminders on.

I installed mailman (and apache and exim4) on a throw-away virtual
machine here, but have not found a way to provoke the problem.  (Each
subscriber to the test list that I created receives all postings,
whether the subscription was via the web interface or mail.)


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