[Mailman-Users] Question about Mailman domain and OS X serverset-up.

JRC Groups joemailgroups at gmail.com
Thu Apr 7 04:24:54 CEST 2011


Thank you for your helpful reply.

Considering Brad isn't available at this time, would you know of anyone you
could recommend who is experienced with OS X Server to help me with my
problem ?

All I need is for someone who is experienced with OS Server and understands
its System Administrator tool to log in on my server remotely and review my
settings to make sure I haven't done anything wrong and possibly make a few
corrections if they happen to be necessary. It goes without saying that I
will be happy to pay for the consultation fee.

After I am sure that everything is set-up properly on the server I will then
continue with Mailman and decide whether I should just use the one bundled
with OS X Server or if I should download it and do new install.

Thank you,



On 3/28/11 1:27 PM, "Mark Sapiro" <mark at msapiro.net> wrote:

> JRC Groups wrote:
>> While discussing some possible DNS set-up issues I might need to resolve on
>> my server a certain IT professional mentioned to me that Mailman shouldn't
>> be run using a virtual domain. I am not sure if this professional was
>> referring to virtual domains in general or only those running on Mac OS X
>> Server.
> Just a quick addendum to Brad's response. From the point of view of the
> mail server rather than Mailman, There should be full circle DNS.
> I.e., an rDNS lookup of the server's IP address should give a
> host/domain name and a lookup of that name should return an A record
> (not a CNAME) with the same IP. Also, when sending mail, the server
> should identify itself in HELO with the same name.
> These things should be true for any mail server regardless of Mailman.
> Now if a mailman list is in a virtual domain, the envelope sender of
> messages from that list will be the virtual domain. This is fine, but
> if the virtual domain publishes an SPF record, it needs to specify the
> server's name as a permitted sender.

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