[Mailman-Users] sender gets his own message!

Robert Braver rbraver at ohww.norman.ok.us
Thu Feb 3 21:33:41 CET 2011

Hello Andreas,

On Thursday, February 3, 2011, 8:43:10 AM, you wrote:

AH> I've just set up mailman 2.1.13, my only list till now is "mailman".
AH> Everything works fine except the thing that the sender of a message gets his
AH> own message, too. On an other server where I run mailman that doesn't occur.
AH> I could not find any option to set.
AH> Anyone an idea?

To me, this is the normal and expected behavior.  If for any reason
users do not see their own message, they assume it didn't go through
and resend it, or email me asking what is wrong.

This is a configurable preference each user can set.  The
administrator can set this by pulling up a user in membership
management, and checking the "not metoo" box.

Best regards,
 Robert Braver
 rbraver at ohww.norman.ok.us

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