[Mailman-Users] *list*-manager getting mail

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Tue Feb 22 17:19:30 CET 2011

Raven wrote:

>I run a mailman installation with a couple hundreds users and since last
>system update (Debian mailman_2.1.13-4.1_i386), I am getting a copy of
>all messages in the "*list*-manager at domain.com" mailbox.
>No settings have been changed in ages so I'm wondering why this is
>Any clues?

Since this happened with a Debian package following a Debian upgrade,
perhaps you should ask Debian.

That said, we might be able to help if you post a copy of one such
message with all headers. Email addresses and content may be edited
for privacy, but we'd need to see all the headers.

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