[Mailman-Users] How to allow Poster to change default reply to from the list to the poster

Jason Bilbrey jason at bilbrey.me
Wed Jan 5 22:51:28 CET 2011

I have a mailing list and the default if a recipient chooses reply or
reply-to-all in their mail client is for the reply to go to the list.  (This
is great for 99.9% of the time and exactly what I want).  However in certain
situations I’d like to be able to send to the list but change the default
behavior when someone chooses reply or reply-to-all to reply only to the
original poster.

Is that possible?

Let give you an exact example to clear it up.  I have a mailing list for
trivia enthusiasts and generally speaking I want people to be able to
discuss topics and everyone on the list to see the replies.  Everyone once
in a while a person on the list makes up a trivia quiz and they want users
to reply with the answers only to the creator of the quiz…  Inevitably
everyone once in a while someone clicks “reply” and replies with their
answers to the list instead of manually typing in the quiz creator’s actual
email address.

Is there a way that the quiz creator/poster (a member of the mailing list)
could send certain messages that alters the reply-to address from the
default of replying to the list, to reply to them directly instead?

Hopefully I explained that well.  J


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