[Mailman-Users] Iphone problem

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Fri Jan 14 00:24:22 CET 2011

Mike McFall wrote:

>It contains just the footer.

Many mainstream MUAs will display a list message consisting of a
text/plain or text/html or multipart/alternative body followed by a
separate MIME text/plain footer by displaying the body text and the
footer inline along with an indication the there is a 'part1.2.txt'
(or similar name) attachment, and if you open the attachment, you see
the footer that was already displayed. Some MUAs will display only the
body and not display the 'attached' footer unless you explicitly open

If you are saying the iPhone doesn't display the message body at all,
then the iPhone mail client is badly broken.

This would not surprise me. I have an android phone and use the K-9
mail client and it is very bad at rendering complex MIME messages such
as MIME format list digests, but it does OK with simpler messages with
separate footers.

>I looked over the link you sent, but I
>already have the settings set to make every email into plain text.  So
>I don't know what else I can do without actually removing the footer -
>which I really don't want to do.

As it says in the FAQ there is currently a bug in content filtering. To
know whether that contributes to this, I would need to see your
content filtering settings and the MIME structure of the incoming post
(before content filtering).

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