[Mailman-Users] Attachment size limit (or max_message_size)

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Wed Jan 19 22:21:40 CET 2011

Scott Race wrote:
>Running mailman 2.1.13 on RHEL5.  From what I've read, the max_message_size setting in a list will be the max size for the message text (body) plus attachment.  Therefore, max_message_size setting of 1000 would be approximately a megabyte for the message and any attachments.


>I've set that for all my list, but can still get a 5MB attachment to go through no problem.  Is there something I'm missing?

The setting of 1000 should cause any message whose raw size is over 1
MB to be held for moderator approval with reason "Message body is too
big: nnnn bytes with a limit of 1000 KB".

This will not occur if the message is pre-approved with an Approved:
<password> header or first body line, but should occur in other cases.
Of course, if a moderator approves it, it will go to the list.

If you are sure it isn't working in your case, we'd need to see an
actual example message to figure out why. You could send me one off
list if you wish.

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