[Mailman-Users] mailpasswds error

Dennis Putnam dap1 at bellsouth.net
Thu Jul 7 19:44:52 CEST 2011

Thanks for the reply. I ran the test message and what I got back was
nothing like what you suggested. It was simply the message, in tact, as
if it was a simple relay. There was nothing in the bounce log either.
Obviously there is still something wrong but where do I go from here?

On 7/6/2011 8:28 PM, Mark Sapiro wrote:
> Dennis Putnam wrote:
>> Thanks for the reply, however I'm a little confused by it. I did indeed
>> run 'config_list -o file mailman' first. Are you saying that the import
>> was already done and the '-i' command is unnecessary?
> No. I'm saying that when you ran 'bin/config_list -i file dapmm' all
> the settings in 'file' were successfully applied except for the one
> real_name = ' Mailman'
> setting which you didn't want anyway.
>> There is nothing
>> in the Wiki article that indicated that your suggested edit is necessary.
> I'll update the wiki as soon as the licensing innue that prevents me
> from doing so at the moment is resolved.
>> In any case I've sent the password reminder messages and they were all
>> processed by Postfix as before. I guess now I have to see if anything
>> comes back although I know already that the message to my own address
>> should have arrived by now. I did verify that 'dapmm-bounces' was the
>> 'From:' address on the outgoing messages.
> Did you verify the the outgoing MTA relayed the message(s)?
>> Will I screw anything up if I send a test message to 'dapmm-bounces' and
>> what should I expect as result?
> No. Assuming Bounce processing ->
> bounce_unrecognized_goes_to_list_owner is Yes, an ordinary email test
> message to dapmm-bounces that doesn't look like a DSN should be
> forwarded to the owner address(es) of the dapmm list. In any case,
> there should be a message like
> Jul 05 10:46:31 2011 (23530) dapmm: bounce message w/no discernable
> addresses: <message-id>
> and if forwarding, one like
> Jul 05 10:46:31 2011 (23530) dapmm: forwarding unrecognized,
> message-id: <message-id>
> in Mailman's bounce log.

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