[Mailman-Users] Rerouting "announce" replies to "talk" automatically

Ken Winter ken at sunward.org
Sun Jul 10 05:34:27 CEST 2011

Thank you, Mark!! ~

It worked!  

I set up your spam rule, set it to "Reject" matching messages, then tried to
reply-to-all to an "announce" message.  I've never been so happy to receive
a response saying "Message rejected by filter rule match"!  And my reply was
delivered to the "talk" list with no problem.

Then I set the anti-spam action to "Discard".  Now Mailman smoothly reroutes
the reply-to-all to "talk" and silently discards the one addressed to
"announce", exactly as desired.

One more nice thing:  "Announce" is a moderated list (for messages from all
members).  But the spam-filter trick doesn't even bother the moderator with
a "post requires approval" when the post is an unwanted reply.  Perfect.

~ Thanks again
~ Ken

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> Sent: Saturday, July 09, 2011 9:35 PM
> To: ken at sunward.org; Mailman Users List
> Subject: Re: [Mailman-Users] Rerouting "announce" replies to "talk"
> automatically
> Ken Winter wrote:
> >
> >1.      "first_strip_reply_to": Yes
> >
> >2.      "reply_goes_to_list": Explicit address
> >
> >3.      "reply_to_address": talk at my.group
> >
> >4.      "include_list_post_header": No
> >
> >Everything works fine, except when the recipient of an announce message
> hits
> >reply-to-all.  Then the "To:" line of the mail client is populated as
> >talk at my.group; announce at my.group.  So the reply goes back to the
> "announce"
> >list as well as to "talk".  Is there any way to set up the "announce"
> list
> >so that reply-to-all does not include announce at my.group, or is that
> purely
> >controlled by the mail client?  (List members are not techies, and I have
> no
> >control over the type and settings of the email clients they use.)
> Your settings are pretty much the best you can do. The explicit
> Reply-To: will override the From: as the reply address, but reply-all
> will generally include the To: which is the announce list, and may
> even, depending on the mail client, include the From:
> >If I can't stop the reply-to-all from going back to "announce", is there
> any
> >way to set up "announce" so it recognizes these replies and automatically
> >discards them?  (It will not work to just reject emails from list
> members,
> >since all of them are authorized to send messages to the list.)
> Yes. On the announce list, set up a Privacy options... -> Spam filters
> -> header_filter_rules rule with an action of Discard and the
> following regexp
> ^(To:|Cc:).*[ <]talk at my\.group([, >]|$)
> This will match any To: or Cc: header containing the talk at my.group
> address and will thus discard any post received by the announce list
> that was also addressed to the talk list.
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