[Mailman-Users] Moderator forwarding from "announce" list to "talk"list

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Mon Jul 11 00:02:32 CEST 2011

Ken Winter wrote:
>In short:  The requirement here is to get inappropriate messages to
>"announce" forwarded to "talk" in such a way that the original sender's
>address and subject line appear in the "From:" and "Subject:" fields,
>respectively - and to do this in a way that minimizes the skills required of
>my user community.

This is anywhere from trivial (albeit a bit cumbersome) to nearly
impossible depending on your MUA (mail client).

The forwarding process actually wraps the original message as a
message/rfc822 body of the forwarded message. Another way of looking
at this is it attaches the original message to an empty message to the

If you forward the held message to yourself, some MUAs will allow you
to open the original message, edit the To: header from 'announce' to
'talk' and resend the edited original to the talk list. Other MUAs may
allow saving the message to a file which can the be edited down to the
original message with the To: header changed and then resent to the
talk list.

Another way to get the original message is from the notice to the admin
of the held message if admin_immed_notify is Yes.

Assuming you don't have shell access to the Mailman server, all of this
depends on your having some way to resend (some MUAs call it 'bounce')
a message. Without that, there is no way short of modifying Mailman
source code to forward a held message in the way you would want.

If you do have shell access to the Mailman server you could use a
combination of sed and mailman's command line tools in a shell script
to do get the held message, edit it, post it to the talk list and
discard the original.

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