[Mailman-Users] Is there a Command to extract the lists owners?

Barry Finkel bsfinkel at anl.gov
Mon Jul 11 15:59:35 CEST 2011

On 07/11/11 02:33, Steven Jones wrote:
> I need to email each list owner to let them know the server will be off line
 > while I upgrade it, so I need their email addresses.

I have a Mailman list named mailman-list-owners just for this purpose.
I have a cron that is run every two hours to keep the membership current.

mailman# cat sync_owners.exec
# shell script to synchronize the mailman-list-owners subscribers
# When (how often) do we run this script?
# 11May09 0248PM   Barry Finkel

# Synchronize silently:
#     file is stdin       (-f -)
#     no Welcome message  (-w=no)
#     no goodby message   (-g=no)
#     no digest mode      (-d=no)
#     no admin notify     (-a=no)

/usr/lib/mailman/bin/list_owners | \
      /usr/lib/mailman/bin/sync_members -f - -w=no -g=no -d=no -a=no \

When I see a new owner, I send him/her e-mail pointing to our internal
wiki where I have information for Mailman list owners.
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