[Mailman-Users] Setting MIME as default for new Non-Digest subscribers

W. Flanagan bill at flanagan-consulting.com
Sun Jul 31 14:39:22 CEST 2011


This question from Jan 2005 is still a problem.  All the addresses I 
load into mailman end up with a check in the "plain" box when listed 
under membership management.  I seem to recall (from years ago) a config 
choice for new non-digest subscribers to force plain format, but it's 
not in the 2.1.14 version.

The current admin manual does not address (that I can find) what effect 
the plain check box has on non-digest subscribers.  If there is no 
effect, perhaps I can contribute some text to explain what happens--when 
I know.


> >In order to avoid having to manually change this option for each
> >existing subscriber, is there a way to force all existing subscribers to
> >receive MIME in Non-Digest mode?
> >
> >If not, is there a way to force all NEW subscribers to be enrolled with
> >MIME as their default?
> >
> >Also, is there a way to "lock" the MIME switch on, so that users who try
> >to change their option to plain text will be prevented from doing so?
> Your questions are not relevant to what you are doing. To send MIME
> format messages to non-digest subscribers you just post that format to
> the list and either turn off content filtering or adjust the content
> filtering to pass what you want.


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