[Mailman-Users] PHP front-end for Mailman?

Glenn Sieb ges+lists at wingfoot.org
Wed Jun 1 19:54:05 CEST 2011

On 6/1/11 12:44 AM, William Ashworth wrote:
> I've searched for a bit and perhaps nothing is available (or I'm
> typing the wrong searches).

I'd really love something to sit on top of (or behind) Mailman that
would give me:

Authenticated file storage
Group calendar
Group database

Yes, I know. "Mailman is not YahooGroups." However, I get a *lot* of
requests for this stuff. For now, I use an .htaccess file with a
corresponding htpasswd file which pulls the logins/passwords out of the
Mailman list membership. It requires manual massaging (like if someone
wanted a file deleted, for instance), so it's not exactly an ideal
situation, but... there's nothing else I've seen/heard of for Mailman
that does similar functionality.

When 3.0 comes out, I know that is going to break the scripts I use
or at least that's what I recall from hearing discussions of changes in
3.0... if I'm wrong, I'm happy to admit it!

But it would *seriously* be awesome if Mailman could have, I dunno,
"plugins" for the lack of a better word, where you *could* extend
Mailman into more of a YG arena if you choose to.

Or, has someone else out there managed to come up with some kind of
frontend/backend/addon for MM that lets you have web content only for


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