[Mailman-Users] Program to Change List Real Name

UUN Hostmaster hostmaster at uuism.net
Thu Jun 2 23:13:13 CEST 2011

> On 6/1/11 8:51 PM, UUN Hostmaster wrote:
>> Mailman Folks,
>> Who do I convert these manual instructions into a program?
>>          bin/withlist bar
>>          >>> m.real_name='bar'
>>          >>> m.Lock()
>>          >>> m.Save()
>>          >>> m.Unlock()
>>          >>> ^D
> First of all, that is wrong. the m.Lock() will reload the list object
> and undo the m.real_name='bar'. Just add -l to the withlist command and
> don't do either m.Lock() or m.Unlock().
> To make a script, put something like
> def rename_list(mlist):
>     if not mlist.Locked():
>         mlist.Lock()
>     mlist.real_name = mlist.internal_name()
>     mlist.Save()
>     mlist.Unlock()
> in a file named rename_list.py in Mailman's bin/ directory and then you
> can run
> bin/withlist -r rename_list bar
> However, if this is cPanel there may be problems with the above.


Thank you.

What kinds of problems do you anticipate with cPanel Mailman?

I looked at the config_list of a CPanel Mailman mailing list:
list-name_domain-name.tld.  It appears like a normal Mailing installation
except that the real_name = "list-name"   Otherwise, the folders and files
are named list-name_domain-name.tld

I am migrating some Majordomo Mailing lists to a CPanel Mailman installation.




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