[Mailman-Users] Program to Change List Real Name

UUN Hostmaster hostmaster at uuism.net
Fri Jun 3 03:22:31 CEST 2011

> On 6/2/2011 2:13 PM, UUN Hostmaster wrote:
> Mark Sapiro wrote:
>> I am migrating some Majordomo Mailing lists to a CPanel Mailman
>> installation.
> So what are you really trying to accomplish? If you create the lists
> with cPanel's list create process (as opposed to Mailman's bin/newlist)
> they should get the appropriate real_name.


I can't use the cPanel Web Interface because I have too many mailing lists
to create.  If I use the Mailman newlist command to create
list-name_domain-name.tld, I need to change the real_name from
list-name_domain-name.tld to list-name.  Also, I have to create my own
entries in the /etc/valiases/domain-name.tld file.

I found a program that will extract the needed information from the
Majordomo files:  majordomo2mailman.pl.  I had to modify parts of the
program to add the real_name and host_name, so I could create the
list-name_domain-name.tld for the newlist command.

I modified your python program to fit my needs:

def rename_list(mlist):
    if not mlist.Locked():
    mlist.real_name = mlist.internal_name().split("_" + mlist.host_name)[0]

It works.


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