[Mailman-Users] a handful of issues

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Fri Jun 3 17:39:01 CEST 2011

On 6/2/11 10:48 AM, Patrick Cox wrote:
> 1. I've just received an email from a list member who says about 75% of
> posts from our list appear in her email without any texts! She received a
> subject line and can see the poster's name, but the email is empty! She uses
> Mail for Mac

If others see the body of the same post OK, the problem is in the way
her Apple Mail renders the message. It may be something to do with the
message or with her Apple Mail preferences. If you can post a raw
message with all headers as received from the list for one such message,
we can look at that. You can edit out any personal information and
replace any body text for privacy, but we would need to see all headers,
boundaries and sub-part headers.

> 2. Several times list members have simply not received messages at all. This
> is happened to a number of list members, myself included. My local Help
> people can only suspect  the "Spam" settings on our email, but many of
> us--myself included--are very familiar with our email and spam settings and
> this is not the issue.

What does Mailman's 'smtp' log and the outgoing MTAs log say about the
delivery of these messages. Assuming this list is @email.rutgers.edu,
you need to talk to the people who administer the Mailman installation
at Rutgers to see what's happening to this mail. Perhaps you have and
they are telling you that logs show the mail as being delivered to the
recipient Mail Exchange servers in which case, the problem is with the
recipient servers/ISPs, or perhaps you aren't talking to the right people.

> 3. My Mailman has the appearance of a searchable archive, but every search
> yields no results. I and others have tried searching for terms we know
> appear in many posts, yet search yields nothing.

If your list @email.rutgers.edu, it appears that search is implemented
using swish-e, possibly following
<http://wpkg.org/Integrating_Mailman_with_a_Swish-e_search_engine>. In
any case,only the people who administer the Mailman installation at
Rutgers can help with this.

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