[Mailman-Users] Mass Subscribe options

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Thu Jun 9 23:04:12 CEST 2011

Drew Tenenholz wrote:
>1) I have both digest and non-digest members.  What are the options for transferring these members into mailman?  (Email, Mass Subscribe upload page, command line, etc.) any preferences to preserve their original digest choice?

Make two files, one containing the regular (non-digest) members and the
other containing the digest members. These files contain one member
per line in a format like:

Joe Cool <jcool at example.com>

(see http://wiki.list.org/x/YoA9 for other formatting options).

Then, from the command line

bin/add_members -r regular_file -d digest_file -w y -a n listname

See "bin/add_members --help" for a description of the options.

You can also do this from the web admin mass subscribe page, but it
isn't recommended because it's more cumbersome and with tens of
thousands of members, will probably time out.

To do it, first set Digest options -> digest_is_default to Digest and
upload your digest file to the Membership Management... -> Mass
Subscription page; then set Digest options -> digest_is_default to
Regular and upload your regular file to the Membership Management...
-> Mass Subscription page.

>Does it make any sense to create two new lists (one digest-only, one non-digest-only) and import the members into two new lists?  (This doesn't sound right, but....)

No, it does not make sense.

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