[Mailman-Users] Anonymous emails with the sender information

Nigel Woodley Nigel.Woodley at lufty.co.uk
Sun Jun 12 12:03:37 CEST 2011

Dear Mark

Many thanks for the reply which is much appreciated.

The spam problem I have is because we have many members from different
organisations linked by a private network.

Emails sent from these organisations are sent out to other members however
when they are received by other organisations on the private network they
are rejected because they have not been delivered internally on the private

I do not have access to change the configuration files unfortunately so
custom handlers will not work for me.

It is a real shame that mailman does not allow you the option of setting up
anonymous mode with separate options for the email address name and reply to

Are there any other possibilities ?

Many thanks in advance

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Nigel Woodley wrote:
>Is there a way to use the anonymous emails feature but retain the 
>sender information in the name and reply to fields ?

No. The anonymous list feature is designed to remove all information that
could identify the sender.

>To get around spam protection systems I want all emails to come from 
>the list email address but that list members reply to the poster.

All list posts are sent with the envelope from and the Sender: header equal
to the LISTNAME-bounces at ... address. I'm sure it depends on the spam filter,
but whitelisting this address may work.

If you need to modify the From: header and perhaps put the original
From: in a Reply-To:, you can do that with a custom handler. See

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